To give your song(s) the full potential and make the best out of the instruments, vocals and lyrics, message and energy, I will mix and/or master your song(s) to the best of my ability so not only you but also other people can relate to your music and enjoy it.


Having the advantage of owning a mixing/mastering room that translates very well and has the right gear, I can totally concentrate on making the song(s) come to life and get your vision realised. I`m fine mixing and/or mastering releases I produced/recorded but also mix and/or master someone else`s recordings. When visiting or traveling distance is a problem, my studio provides a online service via Dropbox to share session or audio files that I will mix and/or master and send you back the finished file(s). Any comments can be discussed via Skype or Facebook (video) chat.


Mastering is often described as the finishing touch to the recording or mixing process. At this stage I will take my or someone else`s recording/mixes to the next level and increase depth, width, frequency spectrum and loudness. Althought capable of doing a fine job myself on projects with a small to medium budget, I prefer an external mastering engineer when there is budget on a project I recorded or mixed. I`m also in good contact with record labels and services that provide CD pressing/duplication and distribution.


I prefer to work with a flat fee, per song, EP, full album or project.
Don`t hesitate to contact me for details.
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The Ventilators - Old Song
A Minor Problem - Rise Again
In Control - I Don't Mind
Off The Grid - This Ring
M2THAO - Promise
The Blackwater Experience - Tenderfoot
Velosso - Forgotten World
Marc Meesters - Free Falling
Mylk - Pillar To Post
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