I feel comfortable playing drums in both studio and live environments.
I try to adapt to any situation and make the best out of the material and most important, the song. Throughout the years I managed to gain a lot of experience in working efficient, reliable, and musical. Want me to play on your record? Not a problem! I`m able to record drums in my own studio space and able to send or receive the session files via my Dropbox studio account. Ofcourse I`m also able to record drums at external studios and bring in the right gear for the job.


I endorse Adams 8000 drums and hardware. My current setup consists of the following:

Zildjian cymbals, Adams Hardware, Tama Iron Cobra pedals,
Vater Manhattan 5A or 7A, lots of snaredrums to choose from.

Link: Adams pagina Dennis Geraads


some artists/projects I work(ed) for

This Is Jackson, V-Male, Faith Healer, Network, Proost!, RockGirlRemix,
Subtle Club, Maas & Meesters, T.A.G, System Pilot, Souled Out, Marcel Coenen, FF Dimme, Noizz, Khick, Little Tony & Greyhound Levi, The Dreamstealers,
Double O Six, Scarescone, Marc Meesters, Sandy Bloom,
Glenrock, Groovylicious, The Jam Society, Joep Van Wegberg,
Monty Wells(US), B-Dazzled, The Hiccups, Ben Berendsen,
Bob Weston (UK), Sageru Bluesband, Mike Roelofs, Popschool Parkstad,
Drumschool Parkstad, Skillz Drum Academy, ECI Roermond,
CK Theater Roermond, De Nootzaak Heythuysen, Rick Weert, Adams Drumworld

Faith Healer - Turn Up Sound
Souled Out - Ain't No Sunshine
T.A.G - My Love Is Never Enough
Jazz setup:
18 x 14 bassdrum
10 x 8 tom tom
14 x 14 floor tom
Main setup:
22 x 15 bassdrum
14 x 5,5 snaredrum
10 x 8  tom tom
12 x 9  tom tom
15 x 12 floortom
16 x 14 floortom
Sageru Blues Band (feat. Mike Roelofs) - Jelly Jelly
Sandy Bloom - Not Perfect Yet
Wesley van Bergen & Band - Oss in de zon
Marc Meesters - Against The Wall
Proost! - Promo Online 2018
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